Earning Made Effortless

Video Guide For For Vendors

Video Guide For For Earners

Step 1

Wallet Valuation - $1M (per 2,000 active Wallet Recipients)

1. Valuate the businesses Earn Wallet by calculating the number of monthly payables, receivables, vendors, suppliers, and employees Valuation Formula: Multiply the total number of these contacts by $500 and that gives you an estimated value for the business wallets value

2. Go to the top of the website menu and click on Earn Accounts >

3. Hover over the Earn Accounts and scroll down to For Vendors >

4. Choose the account that is closest in value to your Valuation Estimate

Step 2

Preview Your Pending Payments - $50K to $250k (Benefits Packages)

1. Preview and discuss the different Payment Types listed on the page >

2. In the COMPENSATION section of the page discuss the amount for each Pending Payment >

3. Next, Explain the amount of the monthly reimbursements from the Expense Card

4. Then, explain the pending payments from the Wallet UPGRADES

5. Finally explain pending payments from the complimentary SUPPORT TEAM

Step 3

Get Approved - $50K to $10M (Earnings Accounts)

1. Click on one of the buttons labeled…START EARNING>

2. Complete the Online Application

3. Next, You must add your Wallet Recipients to your Earn Wallet by completing each step on this page until the “Expenses Paid” page appears at the top of the page Note: ( for emails and Linked In Contacts you must download your contacts into an excel spreadsheet then forward the xls. file(s) to partner@theearnapp.com and the Subject Line should be… Wallet Recipients for “Your First and Last Name”.

Step 4

Get Paid - $50K to $10M (Earnings Accounts)

1. Upon completing the Add Wallet Recipients process, confirming your Expense Account payments and billing details you will land on the “checkout page”

2. You will complete the Wallet Activation by paying the Wallet Activation fee that covers… your Expense Reimbursements, Sales & Marketing, Revenue Recovery License, Scheduling, Booking, and so much more