In today’s job market, professionals are looking looking to improve their work experience by integrating work into their lives as seamlessly as possible. While the job market is still not customer facing to the extent that a professional can demand their pick of vacation days or starting salaries, individuals are looking for opportunities to connect with like minded professional and achieve common goals and ensure a productive and satisfactory work atmosphere. The ability to reach said goals can be defined through the concept of startup culture, where a professional can commit to supporting the work to a greater extent, improve operations, make valuable insights and contributions and gain personal satisfaction.

Many startups are unable to devote time to define the work culture during conception which results in an adverse impact on their sales and operations. Seasoned industry veterans who know how to set out with the startup culture mindset from the beginning reduce the stress and burden on themselves and their team. Startups at various stages of growth find that although their philosophy is essential, they may be unable to old the philosophy into actionable business practices. This is especially true for smaller teams and individual startups.

Mr. Rand Fishkin, CEO and founder of Moz, has experienced the influence of startup culture and philosophy firsthand and subsequently studied the best practices on defining the culture for a company. The three main elements identified by him are core values, a mission, and talent strategy.
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