he trade war has had an adverse impact on the US and global stock markets with the major indices dropping into correction territory (a 20% drop from recent highs). The basic goods such as Aluminum and Steel that are exported from China increased in price, resulting in a potential price hike on ubiquitous goods such as aluminum foil wraps and soda cans. The IMF warns that worsening trade relations could soon result in a full-blown trade war, involving embargoes and further escalations. This will most certainly weaken the global economy.

The territorial stance of Trump’s policies has had an adverse impact on the average US consumer and employee. Large cap companies such as Ford and GM continue to slash their workforce and consumers face an impending price hike on Chinese exports.

Individual’s savings and investments have also taken a dent as stock markets have faltered due to the trade war. Today, it is more important than ever to have a business tool that help automate revenue and day-today tasks..